Night City Wire 3 Is Coming Out September 18th!

Night City Wire 3 is Coming Out September 18th!

  • Author: Mila Grish
  • Date: September 10, 2020

Today we got an updated date and time for the next episode of the Night City Wire: Episode 3 for Cyberpunk 2077!

That’s just in 8 days! And, as usual, the episode is likely to be uploaded up to Cyberpunk 2077’s official channel on YouTube right after, so don’y worry about missing the livestream.

If you are wondering, the scheduled time is 11 am EST or 9 am PST on September 18th, for us in the United States!

The video attached to the tweet features majority of the gangs that we will see in Cyberpunk 2077: the Animals, Aldecados, Maelstrom, Moxes, 6th Street Gang, Tyger Claws, Valentinos, Voodoo Boys, and Wraiths. That might be a hint! Perhaps CD Projekt Red will have something new to tell us about factions in the game, the gangs and corporations? Or maybe we will even see an impressive trailer showcase for each of the gangs?

Night City Wire Episode 3 Gangs Feature

This comes as an update to our discussion from Tuesday about CD Projekt Red treating us to more Night City Wire episodes. We suggest you check it out! We talk about CDPR giving a presentation to their investors just a week ago, discussing marketing plans and promising us more developer videos in the upcoming 2.5 months.


We are eager for the 3rd episode and we can guess that so are you! will be reporting on the most important features from what the developers choose to cover, so stay tuned!

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