Santo Domingo Cyberpunk 2077 District

Santo Domingo: Cyberpunk 2077 District

Stuck in the desperate, cramped living conditions, Santo Domingo’s people learned to constantly wish for something better. Disillusioned by the Night City’s efforts to protect the area, the 6th Street Gang organized around the values of serving and protecting the local community. Since then something has changed…

What is the Santo Domingo District?

As it stands today, Santo Domingo is one of Night City’s oldest districts. Because of its location far from Arasaka’s holdings, Santo Domingo avoided any serious damage from the 4th Corporate War and instead became a shelter for thousands of fleeing Night Citizens.

After its days as a provisional camp, Santo Domingo is now used as a testing ground for industrial projects; corporations demolish many of the old factories just to build new ones.

Arroyo is the industrial heart of the district, featuring old nuclear power plant and a junkyard next to high-tech corporate factories. It’s important for the factories that still run their operations to keep a private security, since anything left behind quickly get overtaken by gangs. Workers from Arroyo live in Rancho Coronado, a self-sufficient cookie-cutter housing district reminiscent of American suburbs from the middle of the 20th century.

Those less fortunate scrape a desperate living in crowded megabuildings. The desire for change gave birth to the 6th Street Gang — you can read more about it in the section below.

Cyberpunk 2077 Rancho CorronadoRancho Coronado Neighborhood

Useful Locations

This section will be updated with locations that will be particularly helpful to V once that information becomes available.

Santo Domingo In Game Exterior Screenshot OfficialCrowded Megabuildings

Major Factions

Cyberpunk 2077 Santo Domingo Rancho CorronadoOutskirts of Rancho Coronado

6th Street Gang

Even amidst the iron grip of corporations, the 6th Street Gang found its home in Santo Domingo. Born out of desperate living conditions of its residents and a deep desire for safety, a group of 4th Corporate War veterans formed to protect and serve the community of Vista del Rey.

Unfortunately, the initial goal of filling in the role of dysfunctional Night City Police Department for the local citizens didn’t last long. Today the 6th Street Gang’s interpretation of the law and the concept of “bringing justice to the city” became questionable and self-serving.

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