Pacifica Cyberpunk 2077 District

Pacifica: Cyberpunk 2077 District

“Ongoing gang wars plague this part of the city; outsiders don’t come here if they don’t have to. Even by Night City’s standards it’s dangerous to those unfamiliar with it.”

What is the Pacifica District?

Once, Pacifica was designed to be a vacation hotspot within the city, a paradise to attract corporate employees and tourists with golden sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, and unlimited entertainment. That dream did not realize itself.

When the uncertainty struck global economy the investors pulled their funding, leaving most of the establishments unfinished. These buildings were destined to remain as steel shells and hulking concrete, defining the look of this part of the city. It’s one of those places where expectations and reality collided, resulting in a heap of disappointment. Instead of crowds of excited tourists, the district is overrun by poverty, violence, and gangs.

That had dire consequences for the area. Pacifica became one of the most dangerous destinations in the Night City and the outsiders — especially so the law enforcement — are no longer welcome within its borders. Taking a casual stroll here would not be a good idea: a fast motorbike or armor-plated car would be the safer option. But places like this have their advantages; if you are in need of rare goods or illegal cyberware, there is a good chance you will find it within Pacifica’s bustling local markets.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pacifica Overview

Useful Locations

This section will be updated with locations that will be particularly helpful to V once that information becomes available.

Cyberpunk 2077pacifica Grand Imperial Mall

Major Factions

Cyberpunk 2077 Driving Through Pacifica On A Motorbike

The Animals

Pacifica’s situation with the Animals is a bit mysterious. The Grand Imperial Mall was one of the last developments in Pacifica to lose its funding. Until recently it stood vacant, but recently the Animals began to occupy the building.

The Animals are not your normal gang. They value might above all else and wear melee combat implants to raise their prowess in combat. A street term to describe this obsession is “bone-brain buffaloes on steroids.”

As sought-after bouncers they are usually dispersed around town, cornering the market in illegal substances, so their presence in Pacifica is suspicious. When they converge in one spot it’s for something big, perhaps to appoint the fastest and strongest among them as their ad hoc leader. As V will learn upon exploring the area, the woman named Sasquatch is the one who was chosen to overlook the secret operation.

Voodoo Boys

Voodoo Boys are now in conflict with the Animals in the area. Still, they have something to bring to the table to confront their rivals’ brute power.

These guys are unmatched when it comes to using the Net. This techno-mystical group of Netrunners has close ties to the local Haitian community, a relationship developed due to their shared history. Hatians settled in Pacifica in 2060s, after a natural disaster struck their island and forced them to emigrate en mass — that was around the same time when the Voodoo Boys gang began to form and rise to power. Voodoo Boys took it upon themselves to protect the community forsaken by the government and the NCPD.

Starting small, the gang now effectively rules Pacifica. The Voodoo Boys usually don’t work with outsiders, but V will get a chance to meet Placide and Brigitte and earn their trust. How? Well, V needs to be willing to confront the Voodoo Boys rivals, now occupying the Grand Imperial Mall to work on an unknown and potentially dangerous goal.

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